Welcome to This Week in Color!

I'm Jen. That's me in the photo, 2+ decades ago. Like many of my contemporaries, I was obsessed with rainbows...and unicorns...and Michael J. Fox.
While my infatuations with the latter may have matured, I am still in awe of the beauty and wonder of rainbows. There's something magical about their abilities to transform your mood after a rainstorm and spark your imagination.

Overheard yesterday following a downpour: "I bet there'll be a rainbow. Look, there it is!" Ooohhh...ahhhhhhhh... "Oh! And there's the end! The whole thing is in our backyard!!"

There it was in living color, a full spectrum from one end of the bow to the other just yards away from us. A tangible illusion? I wanted to grab my camera, and a shovel of course, (I may be over unicorns, but that pot o' gold is real, right?) but I stayed to enjoy the moment as my 1.5 yr. old son caught his first glimpse and joyfully said, "rainbow" after having just picked up on the the word 'rain' that morning.

Inspiring. That's what rainbows are. And, that's what this blog is meant to be. A grab-bag of sorts featuring creative inspirations and fashionable finds, all centered around a colorful theme that changes from week to week.

Please follow along. It's going to be...well, colorful!

Have a Smurfy Day!